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I've corresponded with a variety of Major League baseball players over the years and many have handwritten letters about their lives on and off the field to be included in my three books, Baseball Letters (Three Rivers Press, 1996), Every Pitcher Tells A Story (Times Books, 1999) and Something to Write Home About (Random House, 2003). Read more »

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Hear The latest album by my band The Red Button, As Far as Yesterday Goes (2011) »

Hear songs from my album, Watercolor Day (2010) »

Listen to the original demos of the songs that I wrote for various recording artists, includingTell It To My Heart for Taylor Dayne »


My Baseball Collection

See the ball that went through Bill Buckner's legs, Reggie Jackson's 3rd home run ball from the 1977 series, Tom Seaver's 1969 jersey and more. They were all part of my collection that I recently sold. Read more »


Seth Swirsky With Ringo Starr
With Ringo Starr, Hollywood, Ca., 2011. More »


Some stories from my life. »

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October 2017

Now It's All This!

The new Red Button 2-cd RETROspective is available on Amazon. It includes the first 2 albums remastered plus an EP of 6 brand new, sparkly pop songs along with 4 acoustic rarities.

April 2017

21 Ways to a Happier Depression: A Creative Guide to Getting Unstuck from Anxiety, Setbacks, and Stress

Feeling stressed out? My latest book can help you alleviate your stresses. Order here »

August 2016

Order my new album:
Circles and Squares


My new album of 17 pop songs was released by Burnside, August 19th. Order it here and get a signed copy!

May 2016

After receiving my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, I've treated many patients with all degrees of anxiety and depression. With my background in the arts, I suggested some creative ways to alleviate and calm their sufferings.They had a very positive effect on my patients. So, I decided to put these ideas into a book. It's called, "21 Ways To A Happier Depression" which will be coming out in April, 2017 with Sourcebooks. I'll post upcoming information about it so stay tuned!

June, 2014

Beatles Stories Trailer

My documentary "Beatles Stories" -- a Fab Four Fan's Ultimate Road Trip" is available now at

August 7, 2010

With Davy Jones at my 50th birthday party

At my "Summer of Luv" birthday party in 2010, Monkees singer, Davy Jones came
over and we had a sing along. Watch »

My Art

I enjoy creating different types of visual art:

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