"Something to Write Home About is a book for the ages, for all ages, even mine!"
- Bob Hope

"Every Pitcher Tells A Story... a rare treasure of a book."
- Billy Crystal

" 'It ain't over till it's over' and I never wanted Baseball Letters to be over!"
- Yogi Berra

"Something to Write Home About is in a 'League Of It's Own' - a great read!"
-Penny Marshall

"Baseball Letters is an irresistibly charming book."
- New York Times

"Baseball Letters is easily one of the most entertaining baseball books I have ever read."
- Charles Schulz

"Baseball Letters is a 'please touch' kind of place, warm and lively, noisy with children poking into mysterious corners."
- Philadelphia Daily News

"The questions in Every Picture Tells A Story do the impossible - make the rest of us pay attention."
- Chicago Tribune

"Something To Write Home About successfully captures a very intimate and visual aspect of baseball that everyone can enjoy."
- Peter Max

"When your love of sports has waned to a nubbin, Baseball Letters will restore your faith...It's not literature, it's better."
- Detroit Free Press

21 Ways to a Happier Depression: A Creative Guide to Getting Unstuck from Anxiety, Setbacks, and Stress

21 Ways to a Happier Depression
Sourcebooks, 2017

My new book, 21 Ways to a Happier Depression: A Creative Guide to Getting Unstuck from Anxiety, Setbacks, and Stress is coming out on April 4, 2017. My first self-help book. With 24 watercolors. Simple suggestions on how to alleviate your stresses. 

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Baseball Letters
Crown Books, 1996

In 1994, I started writing letters to baseball players asking them questions about their lives in and out of the game. I got hundreds of handwritten responses in return and they are re-printed in this book, exactly as they were written to me.

Every Pitcher Tells A Story
Times Books, 1999

Pitchers have incredible memories, sometimes remembering the exact placement of a pitch they threw decades before. Some of the pitchers who wrote illuminating letters in this book about their lives, on and off the field include Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine and David Cone.

Something to Write Home About
Random House, 2003

This is the 3rd book in my baseball letters trilogy. It consists of personal letters to me, from a wide array of people, regarding baseball. Everyone from players Shawn Green and Barry Zito to Presidents George W. Bush and his father. Even Paul McCartney wrote a letter!


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