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Ty Cobb Pitches Before Going to War

In 1918, with the world at war (WWI), baseball decided to end its season a month early. On September 1st, Detroit Tiger outfielder Ty Cobb, baseball's greatest player at the time, who was scheduled to leave to fight in the war and thought that he would never return, decided to pitch in what could have been his last game.

This is the ball that he pitched in that game. He dated it "Sept. 1 '18" underneath his signature. Cobb's Tigers played the St. Louis Browns that day and another great player of the day, first baseman George Sisler, also ready to go off to war, decided to pitch against Cobb! He also signed the baseball. (In those days, they only used one baseball per game, thus the darkness of the ball). For the record, Sisler hit a double off of Cobb.