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Hear Bill Bevens describe how he lost his no-hitter.

Bill Bevens' 1947 World Series No-Hitter is Broken Up

In the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 4 of the 1947 World Series, a tired, but determined New York Yankees pitcher named Bill Bevens stood on the mound, one out away from pitching the first no-hitter in World Series history. To the plate stepped Harry Arthur "Cookie" Lavagetto of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Lavagetto drove the ball off of the right field wall providing the Dodgers with the tying and winning runs, robbing Bevens of his no-hitter, winning Game 4 for the Dodgers and tying the Series at 2-2. This is the ball that Lavagetto hit. The Yankee catcher that day was a rookie named Yogi Berra who remembered giving the ball to Bevens after the game. All of the writing on the ball is in Bevens' hand.

Bill Bevens pitching during his almost no-hitter in Game 4 of the 1947 World Series vs. Brooklyn.

The letter that Yogi Berra wrote confirming that he
gave Bevens this baseball after the historic game.

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