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Top: Babe Ruth's signature
Bottom: Bob Meusel and Lou Gehrig's signatures
(Opposite Panel: Tony Lazzeri)
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The 1927 Murderer's Row Ball

Through the entire history of Major League baseball, there has never been a more dominant hitting team than the fabled 1927 New York Yankees. That team will forever be known in the folklore of the game as "Murderer's Row" for their proclivity to score many runs (975 in 154 games that year). While the 1927 Yankees were collectively known as "Murderer's Row," the actual "row" of men "murdering" the opposing teams was Babe Ruth, who batted third; Lou Gehrig, hitting fourth; Tony Lazzeri, who batted fifth and Bob Meusel, who batted sixth. Incredibly, this baseball was signed exclusively by these four men in 1927.

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