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Get Well, Mickey

Mickey Mantle, the great New York Yankee, died in August, 1995. During his 18 year career (1951-1968), he was beloved by fans and teammates. As Mantle lay dying in a Dallas hospital, the 1995 Yankees team signed a baseball for him. He kept it by his bed and, according to the Mantle family, the ball meant a lot to him. This is that ball.

In the 1940s and 1950s, you got the “inside” info on your favorite players by reading the "Dope" book. Mantle was on the cover of the 1957 issue. He had just won the 1956 MVP award and the Triple Crown. Mickey signed this copy for me in San Francisco in 1994. He was taken by the piece.

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See the theme ball that I made up that consists of the signatures of baseball players named Mickey, the quintessential baseball name.

This theme ball consists of players who have had the dubious distinction of striking out the most in history. Mickey Mantle is in this club.