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This is Sosa's 63rd home run ball and the glove belonging to Douglas Potter, the fan who caught it.

Sammy Sosa's 63rd Home Run Ball from 1999 with the Glove that Caught It

Who can forget those exhilarating days of the late 1990s, when Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs and Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals were battling it out for home run titles? In 1998, McGwire hit 70 dingers (a record at the time), while Sosa only hit 66.

On the last day of the 1999 season, they battled for the title again. Sosa’s Cubs played McGwire’s Cardinals in St. Louis. Big Mac hit one out to end the season with 65 (eventually winning the home run title again). Two innings later, Sosa hit his final homer of the season, his 63rd. Sosa is the only player in baseball history to have three, 60+ home run seasons.

Watch a video of Sosa hitting this home run and see an interview done after the game with the man who caught the ball, Douglas Potter.

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An honorary contract given to Potter by the St. Louis Cardinals on the day that he caught Sosa’s 63rd home run ball.
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Potter’s ticket to the game