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Hall of Famer, George “Highpockets” Kelly – this historic ball once belonged to him.

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The Ball from the 1916 N.Y. Giants' 23rd Consecutive Win

The Ball from the 1916 N.Y. Giants' 23rd Consecutive Win

This ball once belonged to Hall of Famer, George “Highpockets” Kelly.

>From September 7 through September 30, 1916, the New York Giants didn’t lose a baseball game. The Giants won 26 straight games. Although Game 13 was a “tie,” the official record books acknowledge that the 1916 Giants hold the all-time consecutive games winning streak).

Hall of Famer George “Highpockets” Kelly was a member of the Giants. This ball, from his collection, is from the team's 23rd consecutive Win, which was played against the St. Louis Cardinals. Written on the ball is the following:

“From Game Sept. 27, 1916. Giants vs. St. L. Car. Score Making (sic) 23 Straight. Game played at Polo Grounds, New York. 23 Straight, Worlds Record.”

The Giants would win three more straight games, setting the record at 26 straight games, a record that has not been broken to this day.

Here’s an account of Game 23, where this ball played a part in making history:

"Wednesday, September 27. The Giants pull one out. Unheralded Cardinal rookie left-hander Bob Steele comes within one pitch of ending the streak, but with two on, two out, and two strikes on the hitter, makes a mistake to Buck Herzog who triples off the right field wall to tie the game at two. Steele heaves a ball over catcher Mike Gonzalez' head, allowing Heinie Zimmerman to score the winning run in the bottom of the 10th. Giants manager, John McGraw uses a committee of pitchers. Fred Anderson' s moist ball is all over the place, and the Giants are lucky to trail by only two when McGraw yanks him after two and one third innings … he had yielded 6 hits and 2 walks. Rube Benton holds the fort for four and two thirds, then hands off to George Smith for two. Bill Ritter pitches the 10th, and gets the win."