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On this panel are the signatures of four of the last five players to pull off the unassisted triple play: John Valentin, Randy Velarde, Rafael Furcal and Troy Tulowitzski. Asdrubal Cabrera, the last man to accomplish the feat signed on another panel.

Jimmy Cooney
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Triple Play Glove and Ball

There have been only 14 unassisted triple plays in the almost 140 year history of baseball. An unassisted triple play is the rarest play in baseball and occurs when there are no outs in an inning and one player in the field, by himself, is responsible for making all three outs -- without throwing the ball to one of his teammates. Each of the 14 players who have accomplished this feat have signed this baseball.

Here are the names of each player, and the year in which they accomplished the feat:

Neal Ball (1909)
Bill Wambsganss (1920 World Series)
George Burns (1923)
Ernie Padgett (1923)
Glenn Wright (1925)
Jimmy Cooney (1927)
Johnny Neun (1927)
Ron Hansen (1968)
Mickey Morandini (1992)
John Valentin (1994)
Randy Velarde (2000)
Rafael Furcal (2003)
Troy Tulowitzki (2007)
Asdrubal Cabrera (2008)

Furcal signed my unassisted triple play baseball on the field at Dodger Stadium in 2004.

Here's a short video of Tulowitzki signing the ball at Dodger Stadium on August 17, 2007.

Cabrera's unassisted triple play occured on May 12, 2008. He signed the ball on July 23, 2008 at Angel Stadium.

Jimmy Cooney verifies that he used this glove when making his unassisted triple play.