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Rogers Hornsby, 1952

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Thanks, Mr. Veeck

In 1952, the St. Louis Browns were managed by Rogers Hornsby. While Hornsby was one of baseball's greatest players in his day, his demanding demeanor was not appreciated by his players.

In the summer of 1952, the Browns players got together and asked the team owner, Bill Veeck, to fire Hornsby. Veeck, a real players' owner, fired Hornsby. The happy Browns players gave Veeck this trophy. The inscription reads:

"To Bill Veeck - For the greatest play since the Emancipation Proclamation. June 10, 1952. From the players of the St. Louis Browns."

A players' revolt, led by pitcher Ned Garver (above), led to Hornsby's being let go. Can you imagine the players today giving this kind of trophy to a team owner?

Click to see the letter that Garver wrote about the incident.