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Lou Gehrig's Last Game

If you went to Yankee Stadium on April 30, 1939, you would have seen the great Lou Gehrig continue his incredible consecutive played games streak. Gehrig hadn't missed a game since June 1, 1925, a total of 2129 games in a row! That game in April was the eighth game of the young season and that day the Yankees faced the Washington Senators. It proved to be Gehrig's last game. His worsening condition, due to his yet undiagnosed ALS (a degenerative muscle disease that would tragically take his life within two years), made it extremely difficult for him to play. He went 0 for 4 that day and only a sympathetic official scorer saved him from recording his third error of the new season.

This is a very rare ticket stub and scorecard from Gehrig's last game (and obviously, the last game of his streak). Neither Gehrig nor the fans knew it was to be his final game. He took himself out of the line-up before the Yankees' next game in Detroit. On the back of this ticket is written: "Yanks-2 Senators-3 1939."

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