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Click the record player above to hear the earliest recording of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, done on a wax cylinder by Edward Meeker in September, 1908.

The Songwriter

In 1908, Jack Norworth was riding a New York City subway train when he saw a sign that said "Ball game Today at the Polo Grounds." He was not a fan of the game, but some baseball-related lyrics popped into his head anyway. Albert Von Tilzer, a popular songwriter, liked the lyrics and put music to them. What resulted was a song called, Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Neither man had ever been to a baseball game and wouldn't attend one for many decades. Second only to the National Anthem, this song is the most widely sung song in America.

To the left, is a very rare, signed copy of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.
Below, is a cigar box, circa 1908, which features the likeness of Jack Norworth.

This letter is from Albert Von Tilzer, the man who wrote the music to Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

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