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Music to Yogi's Ears

In early September 1964, the Yankees lost a doubleheader in Chicago, which dropped them one game behind the White Sox in the standings. On the bus ride back to the hotel, the somber mood was interrupted by the sound of Mary Had a Little Lamb being played by Phil Linz on his new harmonica. Manager Yogi Berra, in a less than jovial mood, curtly yelled back to Linz, "Knock off that racket." Linz, not having clearly heard Berra, asked teammate Mickey Mantle to tell him what the manager had said. Mantle replied, "He said he can't hear it, play louder." To the amusement of his teammates, he did, causing Berra to rush back and knock the harmonica out of Linz's mouth. The famous incident became a turning point for the Yankees as they went on to win 22 of their final 30 games, capturing the pennant by one game over Chicago. This harmonica was played by Linz on the bus that day.

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