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The (Short) Career of Larry Yount

Larry Yount is the older brother of Hall of Fame shortstop/centerfielder Robin Yount. Yount's lifelong dream was to pitch for the Houston Astros. He was called up from the minors by the Astros in 1971, his wish on the verge of being fulfilled. He got his chance on September 15, 1971 when he was called into the ninth inning of a game vs. the Atlanta Braves. On his very first warm-up toss, he felt pain in his right elbow and he couldn't continue. He had to leave the game without throwing a pitch. He never appeared in another major league game. He would have faced Hank Aaron.

To the left is Yount's 1971 road uniform. The letters of his name on the back were removed, as is the practice when a uniform is to be re-used by another player. As poetic justice would have it, you can see the outline of the letters of his name on the back of the uniform.

YOUNT: The man who, by the fate of the baseball Gods, barely missed making it to the show.