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Shoulda', Coulda', Woulda' -- The 1964 Phillies

Everything seemed to be going the 1964 Phillies’ way. Up by 6 1/2 games with just 12 left to play in the season, they appeared to have clinched their first pennant in 14 years. Outfielder Johnny Callison narrowly missed being the National League MVP. Third baseman Richie Allen was Rookie of the Year.

However, they didn’t make it to the postseason — they lost 10 straight games and finished a game behind the St. Louis Cardinals, who ended up winning the World Series vs. the Yankees. It was the greatest collapse in baseball history. Here is a pristine sheet of World Series tickets that the Phillies had printed up, as everyone thought they were a lock for the National League Pennant. However, the baseball Gods had something else planned for the Phillies and it took them another 16 years to get to the Series after their September swoon of 1964.