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Harry "The Horse" Danning's 1941 Uniform

Harry “The Horse” Danning was a four-time All-Star catcher for the powerful New York Giants club from 1933 to 1942. He played alongside Mel Ott and Bill Terry and was screwballer Carl Hubbell’s favorite catcher. One of only about 150 Jewish players ever to play the game (out of approximately 15,000 players who have played since 1869), Harry was regarded as one of the best when he played. He wore this road jersey during the 1941 season. He signed it on the bottom. The jersey is made up of such a thick flannel that it’s hard to imagine ballplayers wearing it during hot summer afternoons, when games were played predominantly during the day.

One afternoon, when Harry was 88, he came over to my house where I filmed his recollections. Click here to see my short film on him called The Last Giant.

Harry "The Horse" Danning