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For many years, I wrote political and cultural pieces for The Huffington Post, RealClearPolitics, National Review and many others. Here are a few of those pieces.

After my article "Why I Left The Left" came out, I got an invitation to The White House.

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A Conversation Piece
Liberal 1: Finally looks like we're going to destroy BushCo. in the midterm elections.

Liberal 2: Finally is right!
L-1: Don't you just love those high gas prices?
L-2: I know – it's great. I think we'll take 20 seats, maybe more.
L-1: I'll tell you, if another couple hundred troops die, we’re in big!
L-2: And if Iraq has a civil war and splits into three, then...
L-1: Yeah, but that's looking less likely since they compromised and chose a new leader, what's his name, Al Rantisi?
L-2: It's just a matter of time before it falls apart.
L-1: Bush is an idiot! All that talk about freedom for people in the Middle East – who said they wanted freedom? Like Susan Sarandon just said, we’re “committing crimes against humanity” in Iraq.
L-2: Yeah…although I did see on Charlie Rose that four posts in the new Iraqi administration are going to women...that true?
L-1: Does it matter? We went there under false pretenses and now our troops are dying. Like Murtha,Pelosi, Biden and Kerry have said: It's Vietnam all over again – and again, we’re the losers.
L-2: How about that Ahmadinejad character in Iran – you know, the guy who threatened to wipe Israel off the map? Now, he wants Jews to wear yellow patches on their clothes, like the Nazi’s did.

L-1: The only Nazi’s are Bush and Cheney. Look, I admit the guy's probably a nut, but so is Bush. If Bush was at least a decent person and sent the guy a letter back, it might get resolved. But don't hold your breath. Bush is actually looking to destroy Iran’s nukes. Idiot. Fortunately, the world will never get behind him after no WMDs were found in Iraq. I love that.
L-2: You don't think that Iran with nukes could be trouble?
L-1: I think Bush with nukes is trouble!
L-2: Yeah, Bush sucks – worst president ever. By the way, I heard you sold your house for three mill – awesome!
L-1: Yeah, thanks man. This market's been insane. And, you know, I'm glad I stayed in the stock market after it crashed. I've added over 300 employees since around 2001. My business is on fire.
L-2: Where’d you guys move?
L-1: Beverly Hills.12,000 square feet. All carbon-neutralized, thank you very much. I know this sounds crazy, but with the second baby, we actually need more space. But, whatever. Hey, you going to that Darfur fundraiser thing? I can’t go. My trainer would kill me if I missed another session.
L-2: Yeah, we’re going.
L-1: Anyway, back to Bush. First thing the Democrats should do when we win the midterms is to start impeachment proceedings against him post-haste. Conyers is already on it. He’s made it his number one priority, even over his reparations for blacks thing.

L-2: Fantastic. But, do you think the electorate will go for that?

L-1: They did with Clinton. Plus, Bush lied to get us into the quagmire we’re in.

L-2: I still don’t understand why both my senators and my congressman voted for the war and the supplemental costs – and against Murtha’s proposal this year to cut and run.

L-1: Bush scared them into their votes. I’m sure, they didn’t really mean to vote the way they did.

L-2: Who do you like for President in ’08?

L-1: Someone who’s going to fight back! Not like all the other wimps we’ve put up like Kerry and Gore. I say nominate Steven Colbert today. He rocked. Stuck it directly in Bush’s face.

L-2: My wife thought he was a little rude.

L-1: But she voted for Joe Leiberman in the primaries, didn’t she? Leiberman and Bush are the same. You know what I think? I think our mutual friend, Tom, secretly voted for Bush in ’04. He’s always going on about how Democracy is a good thing.

L-2: No way!

L-1: Yeah – everyone who matters in this town kinda’ suspects he supports the president during wartime, too. Doesn’t look like any of the scripts he’s writing will get produced, eh?

L-2: Not by George Clooney or Steven Speilberg anyway.

L-2: What about ’08? I’m actually flirting with the idea of Gore again. He finally has passion.

L-1: Yeah – and he gets points from me for his early backing of Howard Dean in the last elections primaries.

L-2: Too bad they found Saddam two days after Gore gave Dean his endorsement. I think it was over for Howard at that moment.

L-1: C’mon, BushCo probably had Saddam captured already, preparing to spring him to bring Dean down because Dean would have beaten him in the general election. Just like those phony terror alerts the week before the election, meant just to scare the voters. Remember that trick?

L-2: Actually, the last terror alert occurred three months before the election – August 4th. I remember because it’s my daughter’s birthday and we had to evacuate the hotel we were staying in, near where the World Trade Center used to be.

L-1: Whatever. Hillary is interesting. Sometimes she does stuff that is just so cool like telling those congressmen that the House of Representatives is like a modern-day “plantation.” You go girl! Blacks will definitely be reminded why we’re still the much better party for them – too hell with what they say about Robert Byrd! Cut the guy some slack; that was sooooo long ago.

L-1: Exactly.

L-2: Bush sucks…

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