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Dec 19, 2011
Interview on
As the sole writer of the classic "Love Is a Beautiful Thing," recorded by Al Green and several others, and a co-writer of hits by Taylor Dayne ("Tell It to My Heart"), Michael McDonald ("Tear It Up") and more, Seth Swirsky has bragging rights to a lot of airplay and legendary artist coverage. Read more »


Mar 4, 2011
Interview on
Renaissance Man: Our Interview With Seth Swirsky


Jan 17, 2011
Tuff Stuff Magazine: Sharing the Wealth
One Hobbyist Transformed A Gift For Himself Into A Treat For Many. Read the article »

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Aug 5, 2010
Shindig Magazine, in their July/August issue had this review of "Watercolor Day"


Jun 1, 2010
Review of Watercolor Day on Surf Rock Music
"Is Seth Swirsky channeling the Venice Beach days and lounging in the sand along the river from my teens?"
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May 26, 2010
Interview on
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May 25, 2010
Mets-Red Sox: The Story of the Ball That Got Through Billy Buckner's Legs
"A little roller up along first...behind the bag. It gets through Buckner. Here comes Knight, and the Mets win it."
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May 3, 2010
I Did a Guest Blog on a Cool Music Site Today
"Dear Sir Paul,
I thought you might enjoy a story of what it's like when a very longtime fan of yours has the opportunity to meet you, unexpectedly."
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Apr 17, 2010
Newsday: "Buckner Ball" a Special Part of Mets' Hall of Fame
They got the Buckner ball (from) its current owner, songwriter and collector Seth Swirsky.

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Sep 18, 2008
Bronx Banter Interview: Harvey Frommer
"This fellow Seth Swirsky that I mentioned before has an incredible memorabilia collection. He made all his stuff on the Yankees and Yankee Stadium available to me." Continue reading »


Sep 2, 2008
Article on
My article "Why I Left The Left" is on
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Review of Instant Pleasure on Powerpopoverdose
It's a fine art; making quality pop music. Music so good that it demands even the most jaded of hard rock, indie, acoustic or country fans to take a step back and appreciate it. Continue reading »


Aug 14, 2008
Middle names started late, are a cause for creativity
My book Baseball Letters is referenced in this Chicago Tribune article.
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May 29, 2008
Interview on Voice of America
I did a radio interview today on Voice of America with Diane Scalia.

Listen here:


Apr 27, 2008
Pop Fair
Probably every Power Pop fan agreed that "She's About To Cross My Mind" by the Red Button was one of last year's best Cd's.
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Feb 19, 2008
The Red Button is recording their 2nd album
A whole new album of songs is underway -- probably out this fall.


Jan 27, 2008
"She's About to Cross My Mind" voted 2nd Best Album in 2007 Audities Poll
Audities Best Of 2007 »


Jan 4, 2008
"I Could Get Used to You" named Best Song of 2007 by Pop Garden Radio
Pop Garden Radio »


Jan 2, 2008
Boston Magazine - Leave It to Buckner
This time, it's no mistake: Twenty years after The Error, the unforgivable first baseman and his unlikely new friend Mookie Wilson are cashing in on Sox fans' pain.
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Dec 31, 2007
"She's About to Cross My Mind" named 1 Album of 2007 by Pop Garden Radio »


Dec 25, 2007
"She's About to Cross My Mind" named 2nd Best CD of 2007 in Powerpopaholic »


Dec 21, 2007
The Red Button CD named Top CD of 2007 (out of 125) @ Absolute PowerPop »


Dec 8, 2007
Red Button Named Best Album of 2007
"I knew the first time I heard this disc that it would top my list"
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Nov 10, 2007
Cooperstown, New York
My film,The Last Giant, is an Official Selection of The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's 2nd Annual Baseball Film Festival and will be screened at 11:30 A.M.
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Aug 10, 2007
Appearance on Fox News Channel's
"Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld"

Watch the video "Renaissance Man" »


Aug 7, 2007
Los Angeles Times
Buzz Bands: The Red Button Pops Off

"The Red Button presses all the right buttons for fans of pure pop."
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Jul 29, 2007
Los Angeles Times
Value could shift on No. 756 ball

"Any record-breaking baseball is very, very appealing," said Seth Swirsky...
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Jul 22, 2007
"Cruel Girl" by The Red Button
picked by Little Steven as The Coolest Song In The World This Week on the syndicated Little Steven's Underground Garage.


Jul 5, 2007
Review of "Instant Pleasure" on Eartaste
It's Still Love »
It's Always the Same »


Jun 27, 2007
Review of The Red Button CD
"A cover photo of a mini-skirted girl wearing a pair of those Nancy Sinatra boots ..."
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Jun 14, 2007
The Lowell Sun
Moneyball? Person who catches Bonds' No. 756 may not cash in

"So many things can derail A-Rod ... injury, a sudden decline in skills, etc.,"
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Mar 30, 2007
Wisconsin State Journal
10 ways to celebrate baseball
Books such as "Catcher in the Wry" by Bob Uecker, "Why is the Foul Pole Fair?" ...
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Mar 21, 2007
The Celebrity Cafe
Red Button - She's About To Cross My Mind
She's About To Cross My Mind, by Red Button, is a flashback to the 60s and the time of the British invasion of The Beatles...
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Feb 27, 2007
Beanball caused player's death; Vets Committee to evaluate
In his book, Every Pitcher Tells a Story, author Seth Swirsky uncovered a letter...
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Feb 7, 2007
Song of the Day: Al Green - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
There are some songs you could call stealth hits.
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Feb 6, 2007
Exclusive Magazine
The Red Button
'Breaching Our Musical Memories With A Familiar Melody'
A first-time listener could be forgiven for thinking they had just stumbled onto the second wave of the British Invasion...
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Jan 28, 2007
The Red Button on XM Radio
XM50, The Loft (radio) will be playing two songs from The Red Button CD.
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Jan 19, 2007
The Last Giant
“The Last Giant”, a short film I made, was recently chosen as a Finalist at the D.C. International Film Festival.
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Jan 18, 2007
Pop Bang Radio
“Cruel Girl”, the first song on my new CD She’s About to Cross My Mind, chosen as’s “Single Of The Week”.
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Oct 18, 2006
Appalachian Online
New-Age Relationships complicate love

The lyrics of Seth Swirsky’s song “Instant Pleasure” as performed by Rufus Wainwright sound loud and clear on Appalachian’s campus, “I don’t want someone to love me, just give me sex whenever I want it, ‘cause all I ask for is instant pleasure.”
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Aug 16, 2006
Short On Size, Long On History
Seth Swirsky, a songwriter and sports memorabilia collector, has what is believed to be one of only a handful of existing Eddie Gaedel autographs.
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The Buckner Ball

After getting by Buckner, it eventually was snared by fan who grew up on L.I.
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Jul 15, 2006
Podcast with Chicago Cubs announcer Len Kasper, before a Cubs-Mets game.
Click here to watch.


Jul 1, 2006
Interview on 97.1 FM (L.A.)
"Breakfast With The Beatles"
Host Chris Carter and I talked about the new Cirque Du Soleil show, Love, which featured the re-mixed songs of The Beatles. Click here to listen.


May 14, 2006
5.14.06 - ESPN

Latest appearance on ESPN's Outside The Lines, talking about Barry Bonds breaking Babe Ruth's home run record.


Jan 9, 2006
1.9.06 "Instant Pleasure" on The Loft/ XM50 Radio

I just found out a number of cuts from my album "Instant Pleasure" are now being played on the XM satellite radio station "The Loft" (XM50). It's a very cool station -- Check it out if you have satellite radio.


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